Equestrian Buchenois

The Buchenois stables offer a range of equestrian activities. The owners were originally from the Paris region where they regularly rode their own horses as a family at the livery stables ' La Crinièré'.
They immediately added the stables and horses to their newly-acquired property in 1996 to include two Shetland ponies, followed by a donkey, a Norman Cob and some brood mares.

Fast forward twenty years and the estate has a mixture of thirty horses; horses for hacks, double poney for breeding stock, owners' horses and Shetlands for younger children. Buchenois also has several retirees delighted with their new retirement home.

 The stables include:

  • 8 Shetlands (including one driver) - Mimi, Roudoudou, Caramel, Bouboule, Prune, Peluche, Cérise and Astérix
  • 5 Shetland foals - Eclipse, Friandise, Ferrero, Fanta and Galopin
  • 1 light draft Norman Cob (to ride or drive) - Pompon 
  • 5 rideable horses - Versus, Nougat, Gibus and Anke
  • 4 owners' horses - Fanny, Soraya, Akira and Valentin's
  • 2 brood mares – Itie and Tonkinoise
  • 3 foals - Filou, Farceur and Galante